Core Technology——Green catalytic process and technology

1、Catalytic reaction and integrated membrane separation

Caprolactam ammoximation production technology has reached the international advanced level, where TS-1 zeolite is used as catalyst and a built-in metal membrane slurry-bed reactor is adopted to produce cyclohexanone oxime. In caprolactam purification, continuous crystallization is applied for obtaining high-quality solid caprolactam products that meet high-end quality requirements.

2、Catalytic production of vinyl chloride catalyzed by mercury-free ionic liquids

We have developed the mercury-free ionic liquid catalyst for the production of vinyl chloride by calcium carbide method, the corresponding gas-liquid phase reaction process and device, and the key technology of preparation and recovery of ionic liquid catalyst. This technology exhibits excellent performance index. With this technology, we can completely avoid mercury pollution in chlor-alkali industry, and solve the emerging problems when scaling up reaction devices, etc. This technology received unanimous recognition of experts in the evaluation team, and was deemed as international leading technology in the sci-tech achievements evaluation.

3、Producing nylon 56 by biological enzyme method

The production technology of nylon 56 by biological enzyme method is based on the mature technology of lysine, coupling the biocatalysis technology, the salt-forming technology of Nylon 56 salt and the purification crystallization technology. The product of bio-nylon 56 is made of readily available raw materials with simple flow and controllable cost. It is green and environmentally friendly. The nylon industry has witnessed an important technological change that bio-nylon 56 is replacing petroleum-based nylon 66 in industrial production and daily life.